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 Piecewise Functions on a TI84C 

To enter a piecewise function in the TI-84 you need to use Boolean Notation in your equation.

Two Piece Function

Entering a 2 piece function:


Press Y= and select a slot for the equation and type


Graph in a zoom 4. Decimal Window and you will be viewing the function

The selected window has really graphed the function:

because the window cuts off the graph at xmin of -6.6 and at xmax of 6.6.


Three Piece Function

Suppose you want to enter a triple piecewise function such as:

You will need to enter the following in one of your function slots:


When you enter this equation and then graph it in a standard window you will see:

Sometimes you will want to put you graph in dot mode so you don't view the vertical segments connecting the various parts of the equation together.  This was not necessary in this example since the pieces were all connected.


A Piecewise function with Domain Situations


Since the square root is not defined outside of the numbers between -2 and 2, a problem will take place with the graphing if the conditions are placed outside the square root.  So notice that the conditions have been placed inside the radical. 


Graphing this equation in a zoom decimal window really bounds the graph between -6.6 and + 6.6 also.