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Middle School Lessons


Thinking about Parts of the Whole Using Tangram Pieces



  Giant Inch Bars

Modeling Division of Fractions 


  Ten Middle School Activities for Tangrams



Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers

Subtraction of Decimal Numbers Task Cards


Addition of Decimal Numbers Task Cards


Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers Bundle


Operations with Integers - Addition

Operations with Integers - Subtraction



Operations with Integers - Multiplication and Division

 Modeling Multiplication of Integers with Discs

Operations with Integers

Operations with Integers Bundle

3 Bundles Lessons and a Powerpoint on Operations with Integers

Modeling Long Division with Base 10 Blocks - PPT


Modeling Long Division with Base Ten Blocks - SN


Operations with Integers with Discs Task Cards

 Division of Integers

Bundle of 7 Match the Squares Puzzles- Operations with Integers

Ratios and Proportions
Beginning to Talk Proportionately

Introducing Ratios and Proportions

Comparing Quantities - Unit Rates


Using the Algorithms for Unit Rates to Solve Algebraic Proportions



Solving Percent Increase-Decrease Problems Visually

Matching Squares to Review Percent and Ratios

Review of Percent and Ratio with Real World Problems

Proportions and the Coordinate Plane


Student Graph Template

The Fly on the Ceiling

Proportional Relationships on Graphs and Tables

 Representing and Using Rates on a Double Number Line

Writing Unit Rates Using Double Number Lines 

Breaking Down and Building Up Ratios Using Double Number Lines


 Breaking Down and Building Up Ratios involving Fractions using Double Number Lines - Part I and II

Miscellaneous Files
Converting Metric Measures

Five Probability Activity Worksheets


Slope Game


Understanding Probability Through Simulation


Illustrating the Difference Between And/Or in Probability


Translation Worksheet

Geometry, Area, Surface Area, Volume
Working with Area of Triangles 

Writing Equations for Supplementary, Complementary and Adjacent Angles

Real World Problems on Volume and Surface Area of  Prisms

 Scale Factors for Enlarging and Shrinking

Five Station Investigation of the Area of a Rectangle, Parallelogram, and Trapezoid

 Parallel Lines and Transversals


Area and Perimeter - An Exploration on the Geoboard


Representing and Using Rates on a Double Number Line








The Area of a Parallelogram - A Discovery


Working with Solids - Height, Area, and Volume


Area Formula for a Circle



The Area of a Trapezoid - An Exploration


Exploring the Surface Area and Volume of a Prism


Explaining the Formula for the Area of a Circle






Area of a Trapezoid - GSP


Area of a Triangle - GSP


Surface Area and Volume of Prisms