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Hands-On Lessons

1.  Task Cards for Building Polyhedra

2.  Problems on the Volume of a Prism

3.  Surface Area of a Square Pyramid

4.  Drawing 3D Models

4.  Build a Model - Volume of a Square Prism and Volume of a Square Pyramid

6.  Making Nets for  a Rectangular Box and Relational Pyramid
7.  Exploring Surface Area and Volume

8.  Maximum Volume - How is That Box Changing?

9.  Interactive Site for Developing Surface Area of a Cone
1.  Exploring Area of a Triangle on a Geoboard


Geoboard Template

2.  Discovering the Formula for the Area of a Circle


3.  Exploration with Area and Perimeter, Student Activity Sheet, Follow-Up Activity and Student Grids



4.  Area of a Triangle on a Geoboard



5.  Six Station Investigation of the Area of a Rectangle, Parallelogram, and Trapezoid


6.  Discovering Pick's Theorem



7.  Using Limits to Find the Area of a Circle



8.  Understanding How to Find the Area of a Trapezoid


9.  Area of Irregular Regions
10.  Finding the Area of a Parallelogram

Do Now

Do Now Answers

Parallelograms to Explore

Sketchpad Demonstration


Assignment Answers
11.  Finding the Area of a Trapezoid

Do Now

Do Now Answers

Discovery Sheet

Sketchpad Demonstratrion

Problems for Practice

12.  Finding the Area of a Triangle

Do Now

Do Now Answers

Sketchpad Demonstration

Triangles and Related Rectangles



13.  Height - Area - Volume



14.  Area of a Trapezoid


15.  Area of a Triangle 2

Points of Concurrency

1. Area of a Parallelogram

2.  Points of Concurrency - An Exploration 
(Available through Teacherspayteachers.com)


 Points of Concurrency - GSP

(Available through Teacherspayteachers.com)






1.  Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard

10 Lessons



2.  Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part I - 3 Lessons



3.  Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part II - 3 Lessons



4.  Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part III - 4 Lessons



5.  Translations

Exploring Translations with Sketchpad
6.  Rotations

Exploring Rotations with Sketchpad
7.  Reflections

Exploring Reflections with Sketchpad

Exploring Reflections with Sketchpad (PDF)
  8.  MP4 Video on How Animators Use Transformational Geometry
9.  Student Directed Lesson on Translations 10.  Student Directed Lesson on Reflections 11.  Student Directed Lesson on Rotations
12.  Teacher-Led Lesson on Translations 13.  Teacher-Led Lesson on Reflections 14.  Teacher-Led Lesson on Rotations
15.  Exploring Translations with the Geometer's Sketchpad
16.  Creating Transformations on the TI84 17.  Creating Transformation on the TI-Nspire
(From Texas Instruments)
18.  Investigating Translations on the Communicator 19.  Investigating Reflections on the Communicator 20.  Investigating Rotations on the Communicator
21.  Exploring Reflections with the Geometer's Sketchpad
22.  Alternative Lesson on Investigating Reflections on the Communicator 23.  Exploring Rotations with the Geometer's Sketchpad
1.  Create an Enlargement, Reduction, or Distortion of a Cartoon

2.  Exploring Similarity



3.  What are Similar Polygons



4.  Understanding a Dilation



5.  Creating Similar Figures
Student Activity, Graph Paper, and Answers


6.  How Large is that Tower?


7.  That's a Really Big Dog!
8.  Discovering Ways Triangles are Similar

Available through Teacherspayteachers.com)
9.  Finding the Height of a Flagpole

Available through Teacherspayteachers.com)

10.  Studying the Properties of Figures Created through a Dilation



  11.  Similar Polygons Through Dilations

1.  How Many Squares Can You Find on an 11 x 11 Geoboard?



2.  Sketchpad Investigation with Special Quadrilaterals


Handout for Recording Special Properties

3.  Properties of a Parallelogram




4.  Properties of Quadrilaterals



5.  Properties of a Parallelogram

Flipchart file



6.  Creating a Sketchpad File to Study Properties of Quadrilaterals


Completed Sketchpad File


7.  Preparing to Study Properties of Quadrilaterals


Quadrilateral.gsp File

8.  Properties of a Parallelogram



9.  Studying Properties of a Quadrilateral with Sketchpad

Completed Sketchpad File


10.  Exterior angles of a polygon


(Available through Teacherspayteachers.com)

  11.  Constructing Squares and Rectangles with Patty Paper
1.  Angles of a Triangle 2
2.  Lines in a Triangle
3.  Angles of a Triangle and Triangle Inequalities

4.  SSA Investigation



5.  Exploring Isosceles Triangles


6.  Triangle Classification

Activity Sheet
7.  Exploring Properties of a Midsegment with Patty Paper 8.  Exploring Properties of a Midsegment with a Communicator 9.  Discovering 45-45-90 Triangles

Activity Sheet

Discovering 30-60-90 Triangles

Isosmetric Dot Paper

10.  Sketchpad Exploration with Congruence Shortcuts


Do Now

Activity Sheet on Congruence Shortcuts

11.  How Many Parts are Needed?

Student Handout
12.  Video for folding an incenter

Video for folding a circumcenter


Dynamic Lesson on Incenter and Circumcenters

Chart for Location of Incenter and Circumcenter

Hospital Locator - Illuminations

Hospital Locator (Illuminations - Map

14.  Understanding the 3 Trigonometric Ratios


Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

1.  Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

2.  Parallel Lines - An Investigation

3.  What is Special about All the Corresponding Parts of Similar Triangles?

Triangles to be Traced

Sketchpad Related File

To Prove

Statements and Reasons

4.  Sum of the Angles of a Polygon

Communicator Template

Angles of a Polygon Chart

Angles of a Polygon Chart Answers

Excel Spreadsheet of Angles of a Polygon

  5.  Understanding the Relationship between Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
7.  Investigating Properties of Parallel Lines    
Distance, Pythagorean Theorem, Midpoints

1.  Developing an Understanding for the Midpoint and Distance on a Plane



2.  Finding a Midpoint of a Segment



Special Right Triangles



4.  I Have... Who Has...Cards- Pythagorean Theorem



5.  Finding the Length of a Hypotenuse


6.  Pythagorean Theorem - Discovery with Area



7.  Understanding the Distance Formula

8.  Understanding the Pythagorean Theorem

9.  Sketchpad Activity on the Pythagorean Theorem


10.  Visualizing the Pythagorean Theorem



11.  Exploring the Pythagorean Theorem with the Communicator


1.  Triangle Sum

Sketchpad Demonstration

Sample Questions

2.  Thinking about Parts of the Whole Using Tangram Pieces



3.  Ten High School Activities for Tangrams




4.  Ten Middle School Activities for Tangrams



  5.  Folding a Tangram

1.  5 Investigations about Tangents to a Circle


2.  Folding a Circle - A Beginning Activity on Circles



3.  Creating a Circle Tool File


Completed Sketchpad File

4.  Investigation Line and Line Segments in a Circle

Completed Sketchpad File
5.  Folding a Circle 6.  Sketchpad File on Circumference/Diameter of a Circle

Diameter - Circumference Chart

7.  Tangent-Secant

8.  Finding Arc Length

Do Now

Do Now Answers

Transparency Masters

Transparency Master Answers


Assignment Answers
9.  Chords-Tangents-Secants

Do Now

Student Activity Sheet


Sketchpad Demo for Secant and Tangent Lines

10.  Tangent Segments of a Circle



11.  Investigating Line and Line Segments Associated with a Circle


12.  Circle Tool File
13.  Inscribed Angles


Integrating Writing
1.  Write a Children's Book 2.  Cartoons 3.  Rhymes
4.  Tangram Stories 5.  How To Construct 6.  End of Year
7.  Wanted Posters 8.  Transformations and Tessellations 9.  Writing Definitions for Supplementary and Complementary Angles
10.  Other Forms of Writing   11.  Directions for Making the Booklet
Assessment Ideas
1.  Assessment Ideas for Discovering Geometry
Chapter 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Alternate Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 10-11-12
2.  Alternative Take Home Test on Circles

Scoring Rubric

Sample Student Test

Sample Student Test
3.  Construction Booklet
Scoring Rubric
Student Sample
4.  Student Mobiles   5Student Portfolio On Transformations and Tessellations

Student Sample

1.  Pascal's Triangle Through Polygons

2.  Pascal's Triangle Powerpoint

Pascal's Triangle Activity Sheet

3.  Golden Ratio and Nautilus Shell


4.  Finding and Analyzing Artifacts 5.  Origami 6.  Write a Poem
7.  Pop Up Cards (Fractals) 8.  Using Slope within Geometry Problems 9.  Develop Conceptual Understanding for Slope
10.  Traveling Networks


Network Chart

Network Chart Answers

Network Chart Answers Color Coded

Student Sample Project
11.  Star Polygons

Star Polygon Data Chart

Scoring Rubric
12.  Geometric Probability with Right Triangles

Powerpoint Slides
13.  Indirect Reasoning with Communicator Templates

14.  Develop Reasoning

Do Now
15. Geometric Probability and Expected Value

Powerpoint Slides
16.  Visualizing the Square Root of 2 on a Geoboard

Geoboard Template

Student Recording Sheet
17.  Visualizing the Square Root of 5 on a Geoboard

Geoboard Template

Student Recording Sheet
18.  Geometric Probability
Square Root Activity on the Geoboard