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Solving Right Triangles


 Introducing 3 Trigonometric Ratios



 Exploring the Tangent Ratio




Introduction to Trigonometry


The Law of Cosines


The Law of Sines




Special Right Triangle Drawings


30-60-90 Triangles

45-45- Right Triangles

Introducing a Translation

Using Matrices to Transform a Figure

Line and Rotational Symmetry



Translation Worksheet



Introduction of Transformations


 Geoboard/Pattern Block Similarity



Dividing a Line Segment Proportionally on a Coordinate Grid



Using Proportions to Solve Scale Drawings in Geometry




Exploring Properties of a Dilation



Similarity with the Side Splitter Theorem and the Angle Bisector Theorem




Developing an Understanding for the Geometric Mean



  Building Understanding for the Equation of a Circle


Discovering Properties of Quadrilaterals
   How Many Parts Guarantee One Triangle?


Drawing Three Dimensional Boxes with Isosmetric Dot Paper





 Task Cards for Building Polyhedra

 Problems on the Volume of a Prism

Surface Area of a Square Pyramid

Drawing 3D Models

Build a Model - Volume of a Square Prism and Volume of a Square Pyramid

Making Nets for  a Rectangular Box and Relational Pyramid
 Exploring Surface Area and Volume

 Maximum Volume - How is That Box Changing?

Constant Perimeter and Changing Area of a Rectangle -GSP



Area of a Triangle on a Geoboard


Discovering the Formula for the Area of a Circle


Exploration with Area and Perimeter, Student Activity Sheet, Follow-Up Activity and Student Grids



Using Limits to Find the Area of a Circle



 Six Station Investigation of the Area of a Rectangle, Parallelogram, and Trapezoid

 Discovering Pick's Theorem


Height - Area - Volume




 Understanding How to Find the Area of a Trapezoid


Area of Irregular Regions
Points of Concurrency

Points of Concurrency - An Exploration


 Points of Concurrency - GSP




Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard

10 Lessons



 Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part I - 3 Lessons



 Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part II - 3 Lessons



Discovering Patterns In Transformations with a Geoboard Part III - 4 Lessons


Discovering Properties of a Translation - SN

Student Directed Lessons and Teacher-Led Lessons on Transformations

MP4 Video on How Animators Use Transformational Geometry

Introduction to Transformations


Creating Transformations on the TI84

Create an Enlargement, Reduction, or Distortion of a Cartoon

Exploring Similarity




What are Similar Polygons



Understanding a Dilation



Creating Similar Figures
Student Activity, Graph Paper, and Answers

How Large is that Tower?


That's a Really Big Dog!
 Discovering Ways Triangles are Similar


Finding the Height of a Flagpole



Studying the Properties of Figures Created through a Dilation



How Many Squares Can You Find on an 11 x 11 Geoboard?



Properties of Quadrilaterals


 Properties of a Parallelogram





Properties of a Parallelogram






Exterior angles of a polygon


SSA Investigation



 Exploring Isosceles Triangles



Understanding the 3 Trigonometric Ratios

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Parallel Lines - An Investigation

Exploring the Sum of the Angles of a Polygon

Distance, Pythagorean Theorem, Midpoints

Developing an Understanding for the Midpoint and Distance on a Plane



Finding a Midpoint of a Segment



Special Right Triangles




 I Have... Who Has...Cards- Pythagorean Theorem



Finding the Length of a Hypotenuse


Pythagorean Theorem - Discovery with Area




Understanding the Pythagorean Theorem


Visualizing the Pythagorean Theorem







Ten Middle School Activities for Tangrams


Thinking about Parts of the Whole Using Tangram Pieces



Ten High School Activities for Tangrams





Making a Set of Tangrams - Folding and Cutting Directions


5 Investigations about Tangents to a Circle


Folding a Circle - A Beginning Activity on Circles




Finding Arc Length of a Circle


Investigating Line and Line Segments Associated with a Circle


Tangent Segments of a Circle



Integrating Writing
Write a Children's Book Cartoons Rhymes
Tangram Stories How To Construct End of Year
Wanted Posters Transformations and Tessellations Writing Definitions for Supplementary and Complementary Angles
Other Forms of Writing   Directions for Making the Booklet
Assessment Ideas
Assessment Ideas for Discovering Geometry
Chapter 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Alternate Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 10-11-12
Alternative Take Home Test on Circles

Scoring Rubric

Sample Student Test

Sample Student Test
Construction Booklet
Scoring Rubric
Student Sample
Student Mobiles   Student Portfolio On Transformations and Tessellations

Student Sample

Pascal's Triangle Through Polygons

Pascal's Triangle Powerpoint


Golden Ratio and Nautilus Shell



Finding and Analyzing Artifacts Origami Write a Poem
Pop Up Cards (Fractals)   Star Polygons

Star Polygon Data Chart

Scoring Rubric