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Calculus from a Student Perspective

During the five week period you will be writing your own booklet on what you learned this year in Calculus I and II AP.  Time will be given to write your chapters in class.  All manuscripts will prepared in Microsoft Word.


  • Booklet will contain 4 chapters
    • Introduction - About the Author
      • Include your picture, a short description about yourself, and your academic goals.
    • Chapter 1 - Limits and Continuity
      • Your ideas must include what it means for a limit to exist, how limits fail to exist, a graphical understanding of limits, a numerical understanding of limits, and how limits impact the continuity of a function.
    • Chapter 2 - Derivatives
      • Your ideas must include a graphical interpretation of a derivative, a numerical interpretation of a derivative, and analytical definition of a derivative.  Include as many derivative rules as needed to explain your understanding of a derivative.  
    • Chapter 3 - Antiderivatives
      • Your ideas must include the relationship between a derivative and an antiderivative, indefinite integrals, definite integrals,  and the accumulation function.  You must include an approximation method that can be used to approximate a definite integral. 
    • Chapter 4 - Application Problem
      • Select at least one problem that shows how calculus can be applied to another field of science such as biology, physics, or chemistry.
      • You may also create your own problem based upon one that you solved during the year to show how calculus can be used to solve a real life situation.
  • Use the equation editor in Microsoft Word to produce all equations.
  • Use the graphing calculator to create all graphs.
  • Your own hand drawings can be scanned in to enhance your presentation.
  • Always keep two copies of your document.  Create two files and continually back up your work. 
  • Each chapter will be produced as a separate file and then you will be merging the files into one document. 
  • All books must be printed and ready for binding by the completion of the class period on the due date.  On that day you will bind the books using directions distributed that day.  Books will be read and evaluated on the day of your final exam.

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