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Student Evaluations of their year with Calculus I AP

Great Class.  I had fun and I learned a lot. It's an extremely hard course to learn, but Mr. Rahn helps out beyond belief.  I don't think I would take the course if I knew he wasn't teaching it.   The course was challenging, but will probably help me greatly next year at college.
The course was very, very challenging, but It was built around a very, very challenging test.  I felt completely prepared for the AP test in May, but that came through a lot of hard work and preparation.  It was a good class, but it's hard, and in order to succeed you must try your hardest! The course requires a lot of effort.  If you get behind its hard to catch up. I thought it was a great course and I came out feeling competent in the subject.
I found Calc I AP to be a challenging course, but nothing that was all that difficult.  I found that by paying attention and doing homework responsibly, the course was easy to understand. I really learned about calculus, allotting time, learning, and studying.  It changed my mind a lot about math and about myself as a student.  I would definitely recommend it to others.  Mr. Rahn may be the best Teacher that I've ever had.  Keep him as the AP Calculus teacher.
Tell all your students that they should do all their homework because it is one of the biggest payoff's I've had so far. Thank you for all your help last year, it really made a difference. I was surprised how much I actually learned this year.  I think I might have actually understood some stuff.  I was scared in September, but now I might actually take math again.  I loved this class and the teacher made learning fun.  Really I have no recommendations to improve this class.
! I never realized how well structured and college-like your class was/is.......I just want to take a moment to thank you because it, without me even knowing it, helped me adjust to the ways of college, while still in high school.....THANKS  



Each year students are asked to write evaluations of the course.  The following comments were made on the evaluations of the Calculus AP Course. 

This was by far the best memory of high school that I've walked away with...short of the senior trip. It was hard, but not too hard. The take home tests were the best idea and you gave enough time to complete it. I didn't think I could do it but putting just a little more effort into it really paid off. "What impressed me most about Mr. Rahn was that he always had a planned out format for everything. There was a schedule for each week and we followed that, nothing came as a surprise to any of the students (except the pop quizzes)
I liked this course a lot. I feel that it was one of the most useful courses probably b/c I understood and succeeded better in this class then in any other AP class. Of course, it was frustrating at times and I wanted to throw my calc book out the window, but all the hard work hopefully paid off. Mr. Rahn was unbelievably well prepared in getting us ready for the AP test. I liked the group idea with the tests. I definitely understood the subject better because I could explain it to people. If I didn't get it, people were right there to help me. In retrospect, this was by far the most well taught class of my year and possibly my high school career. I learned all of the information necessary to do well on the AP and I feel that I can go into college starting in my second year of Calculus
Not only did I enjoy the class, but I was prepared for every question on the AP test because of the class Keep doing what you're doing... I felt really good going in the AP test so everything this year worked for me Mr. Rahn always knew what he was talking about. He understood the topics so well that he could explain it to us in many different ways. It made the class refreshing, I knew I would learn something every time I walked into the room. I was very surprised that I would enjoy calculus. It was not all that bad. Calculus with Mr. Rahn was a fun experience because of his dynamic strategies for teaching.
Mr. Rahn was a very intelligent and helpful teacher who did his best to help his students succeed in calculus. I thought that he was a very wonderful teacher and that I would recommend him anytime to anyone who is thinking about going into Calculus AP. I really liked how we had a chance to work at home and at our own pace on the online quizzes and take_home test. I learned so much more doing them at home because I had more ample time to actually study how to do a question. Due to the longer time period to work on the tests and quizzes, I was able to understand the problems better than if it were all done in class and was rushed.

This class had a very positive outcome and that it was very helpful how much I learned about calculus.


I was impressed that Mr. Rahn was so personable and willing to help students when they had difficulty. I had heard from students previously in his classes that he is an awesome teacher, and I wholeheartedly agree. Always with a smile on his face, Mr. Rahn helped me to learn a difficult subject like no other teacher could have.  He combined fun, humor, and food with his lessons for a perfect mix. I can't think of a teacher I would have rather had this year.


I found this course to be wonderful. I felt completely prepared for my AP exam (I think I got a 5). Occasionally I felt overwhelmed with the amount of homework, especially as AP tests approached. But I survived, and think I learned a lot of stuff that will help immensely next year.


The class really prepares kids for the AP exam. I was by far the most prepared for the ap exam in this class. Let's just say ""interesting"" is an understatement. I was always impressed with the way Mr. Rahn kept his students captivated. I was most impressed with his style of teaching. It seemed that every student was reached in their own way.  Of course, the sweet and fruity lessons were the best. Although I have always had a strong interest in math, I feel that this class truly took my past math knowledge and took it to the limit. In Calculus I was faced with problems that were challenging and made me think a lot more than previous years.  It's a great subject, and was a great year.
Keep the course the way it is, it was great! This course is unlike any mathematics course you have ever taken.  Although problem solving is still the major part of the course, you will be challenged like never before and will incorporate deep thought into many problems. Mr. Rahn always had an answer for every question asked, and was honest if he did not know the answer. Additionally, he stayed on track and did not go off on tangents. At the beginning of the year I was very skeptical of letting myself like the course, I loved math until Trig and i was positive that I would hate calc just as much as I disliked the course the previous year. Once I opened up and let myself take part in the class rather than just doing the work I liked it better. I even tell people to take the class now. Take the AP class! It is such a waste to go through the whole year in a regular class and not be acknowledged for it by the college board. The test wasn't that bad and Mr. Rahn is the most talented math teacher in the school. He may go through concepts quickly but he won't let you leave without understanding. Besides we get to eat in class all the time and the labs are tolerable.
I think that you as a teacher made me want to do my work A well rounded teacher who knew how to combine knowledge and fun into a Calculus class which I think few teachers like that exist. A teacher who knows everything about what he is teaching and is always there for his students. He made learning about calculus fun and interesting. His teaching style emphasized understanding, rather than memorizing formulas.
Mr. Rahn, you are and always have been a great teacher. For two years you have helped me do well in calculus. You are always available and willing to help, and besides that you are a great motivator for me to do as well as I can.



Student Evaluations of their year with Calculus

I feel I have learned a lot this year, and am prepared for college.  yeah Calculus!!!!!!!!!!!! This course definitely prepares you for the AP test and future courses in college without boring you.
This course helped me to learn calculus easily and sufficiently. This got me ready for college courses and gave me a great understanding of calculus
The positive aspect of the course is that it was taught differently than any other math class I've ever had.  Not only was it interesting, but it was easier because of the way it was taught.  I didn't like the amount of homework or the derivative test, but it actually helped me a lot
it was cool
There really were no negative aspects of the course. The course itself was very rewarding and challenging, and the teacher was outstanding in every way. This class was my most challenging class this year. I learned a lot about math this year, I think, more than most years put together.
  Positive-it challenged my mind and I learned to visualize instead of writing everything down
This class definitely helped prepare me for the AP AND it changed my outlook on math in general. The most positive aspect of the course was the way in which Mr. Rahn presented the lessons; he strongly emphasized the importance of actually thinking about what we were doing rather than just doing what we're told, and that made a huge difference. I learned a lot of new math this year and felt I was well prepared for the AP test. Can I bring you to college too??
The positive aspects of the course, along with the challenge it presented to me as a student, certainly outweigh anything bad.  
This course is excellent for any aspiring math student who can put a lot of his free time into Calculus. I feel very well prepared to take a course in Calculus in college. Mr. Rahn might have over prepared us for the AP exam, but that is better than being under prepared.
This Calculus I AP course is a very rigorous course, however, Mr. Rahn is the perfect teacher to keep the students working hard all the way through AP's. Overall, the year flew by, and very easy to understand the way Mr. Rahn taught. The only negative aspect, I believe, was there weren't any napkins during the apple and orange slices lab.



Student Evaluations of their year with Calculus

The course was well thought out I liked the different approach to geometry I have learned many new ideas in this course. Mr. Rahn was a really good teacher and knew what he was talking about. He was a great math teacher and I hope I get him in future years.
I liked this course because the teachers used many visuals while teaching us. it helps out a lot to be able to see the problem in front of you rather than having to think about it in your head. I think this course helped me out very much with my math skills.
I really liked this class this year and id have to say that it was my favorite. I enjoyed your teaching style and felt that I understood things a lot better than I normally would. At first I thought this class was going to be really hard. After a while it began to get easier and you helped me a lot figure out my math strong points
I liked the explorations, they were something different. I also liked the fact that everything was on the website because incase I lost a take home test or an assignment sheet, I could go on there and get it. I didn't like the book because when I would try to study for tests it would have blank conjectures so I had to fill in the answers and it didn't tell you the correct answer. Many times I wrote them down from class but I missed doing that sometimes and then I wanted to rely on the book.
The teacher made this course. This being my second time around, I can honestly tell you that you made it incredibly easy to learn the material. Some positive aspects of this course was that he gave us a syllabus that showed what our work was for that week and if we had any projects and when they were due.
Overall this course was fun. I think I liked this course only because it wasn't algebra. I liked the fact that there was an assignment sheet, It helped keep myself organized.